Avoid Amnion Sheets Tearing and Folding Over, Optimize Your Wound Care Practice with BioHeal Hydrogel

Hassle-Free Amnion Derived BioHeal Hydrogel for Advanced Wound Healing

Wound care specialists often face challenges with traditional amnion sheet products, which can tear or fold during application. This not only wastes valuable time and resources, but also complicates the wound healing process. Specialists need an amnion technology that is easy to apply and stays intact.

Why Choose Tear-Resistant BioHeal Hydrogel?

Our advanced amnion hydrogel product is designed to eliminate common frustrations:

  • Tear-Resistant: Unlike traditional amnion sheet products, our amnion hydrogel does not tear during implantation, ensuring a smooth application process.
  • Non-Folding: Our amnion hydrogel conforms to the wound site, unlike amnion sheets that can fold over on themselves during application.

BioHeal Hydrogel: An Alternative to Amnion Sheet Application

BioHeal Hydrogel is a different approach to amnion application for wound care that addresses the shortcomings of conventional amnion sheets. Its efficacy has been demonstrated in a porcine model, showing rapid wound closure driven by new epithelialization with minimal contraction and no immune rejection.

Benefits for Wound Care Specialists

  • Cost-Effective: Avoid wasting money on products that tear or fold easily.
  • Time-Efficient: Spend less time managing product issues and more time on patient care.
  • Efficient Healing: Prevent longer wound closure times caused by product malfunctions, such as sticking to scabs and tearing them open upon removal.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

With BioHeal Hydrogel, you can expect:

  • Quick Preparation: Completely mixed in just two minutes.
  • Non-Stick Application: Does not adhere to the wound bed; it's fully absorbed into the wound.
  • Competitive Pricing: Affordable without compromising quality.
  • No Sutures or Staples Needed: Stays in place without additional fixation.
  • Convenient Shipping: No special containers required.
  • Easy Storage: Can be transported and stored at room temperature.


As an alternative to amnion sheet products, BioHeal Hydrogel is a hassle-free, efficient wound care experience. Say goodbye to the frustrations of tearing and folding, and ensure optimal product application with our reliable and effective hydrogel solution.

Optimize your wound care practices today with tear-resistant, non-folding BioHeal Hydrogel. Contact us for more information.

* Not approved for use in the US