World-Class International Leader in Regenerative Medicine

  • Since 2017, BIOHEAL THERAPEUTICS has partnered with the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM), a world-class, innovative research and development institute.
  • WFIRM was established in 2004 by Anthony Atala, M.D., and his research team as the first regenerative medicine institute with primary-appointed, multi-disciplinary faculty under one roof.

WFIRM is a leader in translating scientific discovery into clinical therapies.

  • Physicians and scientists at WFIRM were the first in the world to engineer laboratory-grown organs that were successfully implanted into humans.
  • Today, this interdisciplinary team is working to engineer more than 40 different replacement tissues and organs and to develop healing cell therapies - all with the goal to cure, rather than merely treat, disease.

Globally Advancing Wound Care & Severe Burn Technologies

  • BIOHEAL THERAPEUTICS signed an exclusive worldwide license agreement with WFIRM to develop, manufacture and distribute their mammalian derived amnion amniotic membrane technology portfolio.
  • BIOHEAL THERAPEUTICS has 12 patents issued or pending globally for its Solubilized Amnion Membrane (SAM) product portfolio in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan and South Korea.

Product Development & Manufacturing

  • Since 2018, BIOHEAL THERAPEUTICS has partnered with the Viscus Biologics.
  • In 2018, the company relocated to a dedicated high-capacity manufacturing facility and received ISO 13485 certification in 2016.

Legal Representation

  • BIOHEAL THERAPEUTICS has worked with Arnall Golden Gregory LLP since our founding.
  • Arnall Golden Gregory (AGG) is a Law 200 law firm with 180 attorneys in Atlanta, GA and Washington, D.C.
  • For more than seven decades, AGG has established a strong record of helping growing enterprises become industry leaders.

Financial Services

  • Since BIOHEAL THERAPEUTICS was established, we have worked with Frazier & Deeter, LLC.
  • They have offices in six locations in the US and two offices in locations in the United Kingdom.

Quality Assurance & Regulatory Services

  • BIOHEAL THERAPEUTICS works with REGSolutions for QA & Regulatory expertise.
  • BIOHEAL THERAPEUTICS uses the cloud-based Greenlight Guru Quality Management System software. Over 800 of the world's leading MedTech companies use the Greenlight Guru platform.